Urethane Cement Floor Coating

Heavy Duty Urethane Cement

Our most durable product. Urethane cement applications are primarily used in milk houses and commercial kitchens, as they can be installed overnight or during other scheduled down time. Thicker application volume allows for smooth results on even very beat-up floors.

Dries in about 4 hours, allowing you to get back to work quickly.



Epoxy Floor Coating

Huge Selection of Colors & Textures

Customers can customize their floor with their choice of base color and large variety of chip color combinations. We can get any paint chip combination to suit your needs!

UV Resistant

Epoxy floors come standard with a UV-resistant clear coat to help seal your new floor and protect its integrity and appearance for years to come.

Full Chip / 100% Chip

The “Full Chip” epoxy floor comes standard with two layers of paint chips broadcast into the epoxy and results in a thicker decorative floor coating. Installation of full chip requires an additional day of application compared to a “random chip” installation. This is a three-day process, finished with a clear coat. 

Random Chip / 50% Chip

The random chip comes standard with your choice of base color and approximately 50% coverage of paint chips. This is a two-day process, finished with a clear coat. Non-skid available upon request.

Solid Color

Available in a variety of colors, with optional custom non-skid texture.